The one where Icarus fell…

I pulled back an old tarp and found this dusty old thing. Thought I’d kick the tires and take it for a spin…

on the mark side

Icarus flew too high
Fell burning to earth

Yet I will beat my wings
Raging against Newton’s Law

How high is too high
Will the solar winds warm me

I might burn like Icarus
On the way down

If I perish
Spiraling, engulfed in flames

I will streak across the sky
And all will see my swan song

It will be whispered about
A song sung In the dark

But not forgotten
And some will follow me up

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In to the Pit

Bass rumbles and rolls at 30 Hz
Snare cracks and guitar roars

Coiled like a spring
I leap in to the pit

Blood and sweat
Muscle and bone

A playground
Where no one is picked last

What If

What if this is all we have

that heaven’s a cruel hoax

and hell’s an empty threat

that when we’re gone

from this mortal coil

we’re done

only a memory

to those who remain

it’s said that matter cannot

be destroyed

and we’re made of stars

so, where does our dust go?


when I look

I see every line

every freckle

every year

and all the tears

the sparkle and shine

eternity in your eyes

my gaze is unrelenting

for if age or the gods should

steal my eyes

I would still see you