Through the fog of time.

I’ve been having this almost irresistible craving for raw oysters on the half shell lately.  I’ve been able to resist this temptation mainly because I’m not real comfy with grocery store oysters and going out for oysters alone just seems sad.

But, there’s another reason I’ve passed on this great delicacy.  The feasting on oysters has been forever tied in my mind to a very select, very special group of friends.  Yeah, yeah – I know…

A couple of years ago, Jeff and Tina took me out to lunch on my birthday.  We went to some little divey oyster bar in or near Orlando.  The oysters where fine and the beer kind of sad.  Coronas, I think.  We did our damage, to both the oysters and the beers.  It was an amazing no frills feast and I cherish the memory.

Last summer a number of friends had gathered in Seattle.  One afternoon, a small subset of the group ended up at a place down on the water.  Elliott’s I think it was called.  It was quite a bit fancier than the joint in Florida, and the beer selection was pretty nice.  We had a nice sampling of some of the finer varieties of Pacific Northwest oysters.  The place was crowded and we jammed in at the bar together, eating of off one another’s plates and sharing sips of drinks.  I think someone even ordered tequila.  It was the kind of brief experience that you might think only exists in literature or film.  It was perfectly scripted.

Lest you think we became oyster snobs in Seattle, the day before a couple of us found a little dive oyster bar in the Pike Place Market.  Greasy Eddies or something like that.  The oysters were great and the beers cold.

I may be remembering things more fondly than how they actually occurred.  I just might.  As I’ve discussed before, memory appears to be very maleable.  I may be guilty of selective editing.  I care not.  These memories, and the people in them are precious to me.

So, no oysters for me until I can share them again with one or more of these great friends; Jeff, Tina, James, Murray Lou or Laura.

However – and there’s alway a however, these terms and conditions are subject to change.  But you all will certainly be present in spirit, if nothing else.  Cheers!

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