Land of Hope and Dreams

I voted today.  By my count, this is my 8th Presidential election.

I look at voting as the quintessential personal act of citizenship.  A obligation to be sure, but an honor and privilege.  So many in this world lack the opportunity.  Everyday I drive through battlefields where men died and killed to preserve this Union and the freedoms we enjoy – would feel disrespectful to not honor them with this small yet important act.

I voted my conscience, my ideals and for who I thought was best for America and Virginia.  I know many will agree with my votes and many, not so much.  That is fine, in fact its a beautiful thing.

There are no loyalty oaths and no one peering over my shoulder in the voting booth.  The secret ballot is a bulwark against tyranny.

Regardless of who wins, I am hopeful for the future of our country.

John Wayne said regarding JFK, “I didn’t vote for him, but he’s my President and I hope he does a good job.”.  That’s the attitude I want to have.

I refuse to give in to cynicism, anger and fear.  Refuse.

So, if you haven’t already, go vote.  Follow your values, your American values.

This is a great country, home to a citizenry unlike the world has ever seen.  Our diversity is our strength.  I’m thankful to be an American.

Oh, and one last thing – turn off the news for a while…  I think we all need to take a breath and re-balance ourselves and ignore the chattering classes for a few days, or weeks.  Take a walk, go for a run, a ride or a drive.

Peace and Love.


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