Road to Marathon – Day Ninety Seven

It’s been a tough two months.  I shifted all of my running from the gym’s treadmill to the streets in the neighborhood and it’s been like starting all over.  I’ve been able to run at least twice a week though and it’s getting better every run, hills and all.

Yesterday I set out to do an out and back loop of about 6 miles.  At the turn around point I decided to go a different way.  I just up and improvised!  Did you know runners can do that?  We can, it’s in the rules.

This route ended up being 5.89 miles, so close enough.

Learned some practical lessons about running in cold weather as well.  Hopefully, they will serve me well in the coming months.

After yesterday’s run I’m feel a little more on course for a marathon in two years.  It’s primarily physiological – the miles will take care of themselves.  I just have to stay focused and not let anything deter me from my path.

It’s kind of a Zen thing, ya know?

So, anyway, onward…


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