Saturday afternoon navel gazing…

You know…

As I sit here on a perfectly gorgeous Virginia fall afternoon, watching my favorite college football team struggle to beat a forgettable opponent, a team so completely frustrating and flawed, they could be a character in a Southern Gothic novel and drinking a fine American craft beer, I begin to think.

I know, that’s seldom a good thing.

As we are caught in a nightmarish Presidential campaign and watch ginned up controversies turn deadly overseas and wonder just why the Duchess of Cambridge felt the need to flash her boobs in public, I realize that my life is soon going to change very dramatically.

You see how I did that?  I elevated myself to join some pretty lofty company.  It’s a Leo thing, you either get it or you – well, anyway.

I used to be a man consumed by anger and anxiety, self doubt and self loathing.  I’m sure some of that was related to the unhealthy lifestyle that I was living, but part of it was due to living a lie of false religiosity and intellectual dishonesty.  Those are stories for another time.

I have, especially thanks to the consul of some amazing friends, learned to see myself not as I am, but as I want to be.  This makes me want to be a better man.

We are all flawed and damaged.  Everyone’s path is different and human experience is not math.  You cannot take one person’s “A” add your “B” and get a “C” the same way every time.

People are more like Jackson Pollack paintings.  You look at them, and walk away saying “what in the world was that? it was wonderful!”.

So, anyway, cheers to you all.  May you enjoy the rest of your year and may we hoist a few drinks together along the way.  I’ll see you when I see you and we’ll talk about you if you’re not there.

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