Begin the day with a friendly voice, a companion unobtrusive…

I had an idea this morning for a regularly irregular Blog post.  I want to talk about the the first song that I hear on the radio when I get in the car for my daily commute.

If you want to be something, you have to do it, right?  This will give me a recurring writing assignment.  It’s basically going to be an exercise in self discipline.  You in?  Good.

Tuesday, August 14th.  First, Happy Birthdays to LeAnn, Anne, Michelle and Heidi.

Nirvana’s Smells Like Teen Spirit (SLTS) literally started right with the engine this morning.  I usually only get a partial song for my first of the day, but today the radio gods smiled on me.

SLTS came out in 1991.  Even thought that’s over 20 years ago, it still sounds fresh to me while feeling like it’s always been part of my soundscape.  Call it timeless, if you like.

Early on Nirvana was credited with bringing punk to the masses.  This is the song that does that most effectively.  Punk rock is now part of the mainstream.

I know the purists will harp on about other bands originating the soft/loud dynamic, but so what.  Those bands didn’t have Dave Grohl.  I don’t think anyone did it as effectively as Nirvana does here.  Producer Butch Vig really captures the bands explosive energy.

Unfortunately, it was raining, so the song didn’t get it’s proper listening environment – windows down, sunroof open, volume up!

Oh well, whatever, never mind…


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