Happy New Year

One more trip around the sun.  Good old Sol.

I’ve received a whole mess of Birthday wishes today – really, quite the blessing.  Some very nice things have been said, and when I figure out who paid the bribes… (Shut up, Jeff!)

Many of you made reference to a “new year” and it occurred to me that, hey – it is a new year.  It’s my New Year’s Day.

Maybe this has occurred to others, I’m a bit slow on the uptake sometimes, but what a great way of looking at it.

Why shouldn’t we look at our Birthdays as a New Year’s Day?  We might not get the late Dick Clark’s buy-in, but what the hell?

It’s as a good a day as any to reflect, reevaluate and relaunch.  Sorry for the alliteration, but you get the point.

So, here’s to new years and maybe a new tradition of new years’ eves.  I figure we can cover most of the year at this rate.

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