Where in the world?

Hi.  I’ve moved my blog to wordpress and changed the name a tiny bit.  All of my older posts are here, and all the new ones will be too.



Road to Marathon Day Twenty

You know, the reason that these posts are so sporadic is that there’s another 800 or so days until the race.

Believe it or not, I don’t have that much to say.

Slacked off a bit yesterday.  Only plugged away for six miles.  I really miss coming home to a cold beer after my long runs on Sundays.  Really.  Hard to believe, I know.

I’ve been pondering a bit about the nature of things like inspiration, motivation, goal setting and such.  Such thoughts may end up as a blog post at some point.

There are some large changes afoot so stay tuned and keep running.

Passing Speed!

This too shall pass, goes the old axiom.  It sounds good on the surface, but I’d argue that it’s wrong in form and in fact.

We are moving through space and time.  Our lives are a continuum.  Events and circumstances are fence posts along our way.  We pass them.

Some take longer to pass than others, but pass them we will.

But, are we limited to passing?  Can we not take a different route altogether?  I think that we can.  We can also go over, under or through, can’t we?

Sometimes events seem to over take us and it’s easy to be overwhelmed.  I think we’d do well to step on the gas, roll down the windows and crank the tunes – distract ourselves and enjoy the ride.

These things too, we shall pass.

Begin the day with a friendly voice, a companion unobtrusive…

I had an idea this morning for a regularly irregular Blog post.  I want to talk about the the first song that I hear on the radio when I get in the car for my daily commute.

If you want to be something, you have to do it, right?  This will give me a recurring writing assignment.  It’s basically going to be an exercise in self discipline.  You in?  Good.

Tuesday, August 14th.  First, Happy Birthdays to LeAnn, Anne, Michelle and Heidi.

Nirvana’s Smells Like Teen Spirit (SLTS) literally started right with the engine this morning.  I usually only get a partial song for my first of the day, but today the radio gods smiled on me.

SLTS came out in 1991.  Even thought that’s over 20 years ago, it still sounds fresh to me while feeling like it’s always been part of my soundscape.  Call it timeless, if you like.

Early on Nirvana was credited with bringing punk to the masses.  This is the song that does that most effectively.  Punk rock is now part of the mainstream.

I know the purists will harp on about other bands originating the soft/loud dynamic, but so what.  Those bands didn’t have Dave Grohl.  I don’t think anyone did it as effectively as Nirvana does here.  Producer Butch Vig really captures the bands explosive energy.

Unfortunately, it was raining, so the song didn’t get it’s proper listening environment – windows down, sunroof open, volume up!

Oh well, whatever, never mind…

Happy New Year

One more trip around the sun.  Good old Sol.

I’ve received a whole mess of Birthday wishes today – really, quite the blessing.  Some very nice things have been said, and when I figure out who paid the bribes… (Shut up, Jeff!)

Many of you made reference to a “new year” and it occurred to me that, hey – it is a new year.  It’s my New Year’s Day.

Maybe this has occurred to others, I’m a bit slow on the uptake sometimes, but what a great way of looking at it.

Why shouldn’t we look at our Birthdays as a New Year’s Day?  We might not get the late Dick Clark’s buy-in, but what the hell?

It’s as a good a day as any to reflect, reevaluate and relaunch.  Sorry for the alliteration, but you get the point.

So, here’s to new years and maybe a new tradition of new years’ eves.  I figure we can cover most of the year at this rate.