Peace, Love & K-Town

Wow.  Just wow.

We’ve been there, done that, again.  Didn’t we?

It’s never the same twice, it never really is.

Thanks to Beth, Tina, Jeff, Kyle, Frank and Michael for all the hours of hard work to make this thing happen.  It’s amazing to think we pulled it off without “boots on the ground” until a couple of days beforehand.

From the minute that Beth and Glenn and I walked into the buffet at the Nugget, it felt like home.  We just kept adding tables and chairs, the poor server never stood a chance.  We truly are like a force of nature.

Then onto drink station number one, otherwise known as Joanne and Denise’s room.  Leslie just blew me away!  She even, believe it or not, made me blush apparently.  You’ll have to ask someone in attendance how that happened.  No, it was not the fabled “french fry incident” (Shut up, Jeff).

I was tickled to be able to walk through the Golden Nugget, or out on Fremont Street and just “run into” a K-Towner, felt like we owned that part of town.  It felt a little like an old K-Town weekend.

I loved being able to walk in and take over a table at the 777, in spite of Rob and I getting fussed at by the hostess.  LOL, the nerve! And JUST where is the 666 brewpub, huh?

Friday night/Saturday morning at the Aria Casino felt like a night at the Flash!  Was there really a four to one ladies to guys ratio that night?  Thanks again, Michael.

The K-Town ladies were so hot, they set off the fire alarm at the Hofbräuhaus!  What a lucky bunch we are, hey guys?  Then they all topped that by dressing up Saturday night – damn you gals looked smokin’!

It was a special treat to go with Tiff to her R.I.P.P.E.D. master class.  She seriously kicked ass, mine and everyone else’s.  I continue to pay for it, but wouldn’t have missed it for the world, in spite of the whining.

We followed that up with a road trip to In-and-Out Burger, a definite stop on the Western Burger Road for all the lovers of good hamburgers.  It was worth the wait and the trip. (Shut up, Jeff)

Sunday’s gastronomical adventure was to the fabled Heart Attack Grill.  We all survived.

I havent seen some folks literally since I left Germany, and a couple not even a Facebook connection.  I was thrilled to see Julie and Royal and meet their spouses.  It was great to also see Royce and Jeff Crump again after all these years.  So many names and faces, too many in fact to name.  I’ll leave you to fill in your own blanks.  I love you all.

And not the least of which, if I can be so bold as to call her my “date” Friday night – the legendary Keri Oaks, even if we did go “dutch”.  Yeah, yeah, I’m a cheap bastard!

Hey Lois, how was that cup?

Oh, the tales there are to tell and the adventures we had…

Drinks and meals and drinks and meals and drinks and drinks and dancing and drinks.  Some things will never, ever change thank God.

I still cannot believe it’s been 30 years.  In some ways it only feels like 4.

It was 4 years ago that a small group of us got together in Vegas for the first time.  It was a very unorganized vibe and laid back, but Kyle did make sure we hit the Hofbräuhaus.

Then came Kissimmee and then San Antonio and Seattle. 2009, 10, 11 and now 12!  I’m not sure about 2013, but I’m sure something will happen somewhere.

Where ever two or more are gathered, K-Town is in the house.

But it was the small, quiet moments that I’ll cherish.  They were possible, even in a loud place like Vegas.  I won’t name names, you know who you are.  A few of you touched me deeply this weekend, and I’ll never forget those moments.  (Shut up, Jeff)

Tina’s pinches don’t qualify.  Plus, she’s rarely small and/or quiet… Love that lady.

Say it with me, (Shut up, Jeff).

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