Time to go.

Do we travel on a fixed path? Is our course set by forces beyond our ken? Are things predestined? I sure as hell hope not.

Is free will a myth, a lie, a cruel hoax? Is our ability to make choices an illusion? Is there some external force, whether spiritual or mechanistic, pulling our strings?

I choose to believe and attempt to live as if I am the captain of my own fate. Surely we are buffeted by forces beyond our influence, we rationally know this to be true. Much like a sailing ship, we can battle or harness the wind. Sometimes we simply have to hold on for dear life, but even then, the storm passes. Occasionally, our asses get tossed in the drink. How long can you tread water?

Well, I’m done treading water. How about you?

I’m ready to set out on my path. Destination unknown perhaps, but off I go.

JRR Tolkien said that all who wander are not lost. Hell, I’m looking to get good and lost. Therein lies the grand adventure.

And if some force has me on a leash, I say better keep a good strong grip.


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