Don’t look back, you can never look back…

Wow. Just, wow! What a summer, and now it draws to an end… I knew going in that it would be a big one. I had no idea.

“We’re gonna need a bigger boat…”

As the melancholy tries to get a toehold, I am filled with regret. Regret that we are all so scattered to the four corners of the globe. Regret that time is always so fleeting. Regret that we only had a weekend to recapture the spirit of so many years ago.

On the other hand, damn if we didn’t do it!

The Reunion in Kissimmee really was a special time. I had no idea how special it would be. Did you? It went by so fast and there were too many connections and re-connections to make for only just a weekend.

Five minutes talking to Anita in line for dinner Friday night seems whoa-fully inadequate. A quick chat with Jenelle Saturday night – Sunday morning is a travesty.¬† Only seeing Kimmie and Troy in passing the whole weekend was a bummer. Bubba was a revelation! The after party at Jeff’s was a joy. A post reunion beer with Stefan and Mike in DC, a revelation.

Forgive my ramblings but the whole experience touched me. It touched me when Jeannie called out to me for a slow dance. It touched me when I heard my name called out from across the room, bar, poolside by people I hadn’t seen in nearly 30 years. It touched me when the “Vegas Posse” assembled for a class picture. It touched me when Denise repeatedly wouldn’t let me sit out a song early that Sunday morning…”what do you mean, get up?”. It touches me when I think it could all just fade away in the haze of memory.

So, in spite of what Mr Henley says, we can look back! We did look back and saw the way to the future. Colorado in December, San Antonio and Seattle in 2011 and who knows what in 2012 and 2013!

Well this was supposed to be about the joys of Summer and the anticipation of Fall, but it kind of got away from me…

So I say to you all Prost and reProst! We will all reunion again, for where ever two or more are gathered – K-Town Lives!

P.S. Thanks to Buddy and Conny for all their work.

Originally posted on Facebook August 2010


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