Do You?

Do you see me now
You’re about all I see

Your name is never
far from my lips

I couldn’t have known it
but I’ve been missing you all my life

how can that be
felt it when we met

puzzle pieces
milled to fit

it can’t be
this easy…



cant let myself fall
not again

not this way
not this time

cant let myself fall
not now

not here
not this then or how

cant, just cant
let myself fall

for you

The one where I wander…

I wonder
and so I wander

there’s a path
out there somewhere

straight and narrow
or steep and winding

starting is the only way
to make it to the finish

and I wonder which way to go
so I wander

looking for that star to follow
maybe to see the Southern Cross

this world has many roads
I want to roam them all

taste them all
touch them all

What do you do?

What do you do
when the tears on the pillow

finally dry
and leave no trace

what do you do
when the bed is no longer empty

and the sheets
are warm in the morning

what do you do
when the quiet is shared again

and the footfalls
are familiar

what do you do
when your dreams are full

and the nights
they’re long, but not so much

what do you do