Hate in a Happy Place

You tell me it’s wrong to hate
but I say hate is the way of justice

these things I hate
with a the heat of a forger’s fire

attacks on the the weak
slurs against the innocent

worship of the powerful
theft from the poor

the terrorizing of the fairest among us
and the denigration of those who serve

the elevation of self
the promotion of the unworthy

judgement against the other
and fear-mongering

manipulation and subterfuge,
and false witnesses

so, love what is true
and hate the lie

for this is the way
to peace and love


A Sunday thought…

This is my church…

The love in my heart,
the dreams in my head

The expanse of the universe
unfurling inside and around

That we love one another
and care for the weak

The warmth of your hand in mine
and a smile in the morning

The dew on grass,
a songbird’s chorus

Hope and dreams,
faith and friends

The rising of another sun
and the setting of the same

Over and over…