Life is a Verb!

Eat, Drink, Be merry, Risk, Walk, Run, Play, Leap, Ask why, Sing, Dance, Make music, Laugh, Cry, Scream, Live, Laugh, Love, Believe, Doubt, Wonder, Wander, Have courage, Stargaze, Stare at the moon, Sleep under the stars, Work, Rest, Nap, Drive, Fly, Create, Learn, Think, Talk, Give, Reuse, Recycle, Save, Occupy, Vote, Tell a story, Dream, Decide, Cook, Confess, Pray, Party, Meditate, Read, Kiss, Hug, Wink, Smile, Share, Make a difference, Watch, Look, See, Listen, Hear, Understand, Feel, Explore, Experiment, Innovate, Instigate, Theorize, Debate, Forgive, Remember, Forget, Fantasize, Dream, Encourage, Hope, Text, Chat, Call, Write, Visit, Tweet, Take a picture, Quit, Start, Try, Rhyme, Make no excuses, Go, Stay, Leave, Plan, Prepare, Execute, Elevate, Engage.


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