I’m Bad, I’m Nationwide…


At the risk of repeating myself, because god knows I never do that. It’s been a hell of a year!

I just want to give shout-outs and thanks to those who are in on the joke, in the loop, inside the circle, along for the the ride, get the joke, have my back, held my hand, held my heart, called me on my bullshit, put up with my bullshit, bullshitted with me, bullshitted me, bought me drinks, drank with me, danced with me, sang with me, sang to me, yelled with me, yelled at me,  cried with me, laughed with me, laughed at me, lifted me up, kissed me, hugged me, scolded me, listened to me, dared me, double dog dared me, confided in me, trusted me, shared meals with me, made memories with me, kept an eye on me, head banged with me, moshed with me, played air guitar with me, ran with me, picked me up, dropped me off, fed me, ate my cooking, let me fetch coffee, read me, let me sleep in, stayed up way to late with me, encouraged me, poked me, tagged me and generally made life worth living this year.

You know who you are. 2012, we are coming for you!

Peace, love and cheers,


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