What shall I bring?

This dates from 2003, thought I’d share it again.

I wonder…
What could I give?
What shall I bring?

I’ve seen…
Them desecrate
Your most holy place

But, I…
I don’t need their help
Cluttering your temple,
It has become second nature to me

What can I bring?
That’s not of dust and dung
From a manger floor

But then…
The angel said,

A star that died
10,000 years ago
Sings of your birth

And then…
The star shone
On a crowded little backwater
On the fringes of an empire

And shines…
On a sad little ball of mud
Covered with souls
Now given worth

And then…
Redemption rips through the night
Carried on an infant’s cry
Like a ripple on a glassy pond

And so…
Nature and creature sing
Death and hell tremble
A blaze begins with but a spark

So when…
Abel’s blood cried out
The streets of Jerusalem ran red
And pharaoh’s heart was hardened

And still…
A light shines in the dark – darkest place
Beyond the reaches…
In the hearts of men

And when…
Herod’s men ride
Into the night…

What shall I bring?


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