The one where there’s a Post-Apocalyptic Travelog…

Maybe that guy was right
Fight until you can’t…

But that’s not the way of peace
now is it, Mahatma?

Still a good idea
to keep your powder dry, and your tobacco too

I still think about her and wonder
where she was when the planes fell out of the sky

I happen upon their skeletal remains
now and then, picked clean

I wonder if prophets take some grim
satisfaction in being right

When the earth took her revenge
and science, technology and religion failed us all

Someone said that hell is other people
I would kill for the crush of the crowd

I have many traveling companions these days though
Yesterday it was Jesus, last week Shiva

That cloud on the horizon, reminds me of a train…
I wonder if it’s on the way to Glory

Not ready for that ride, not yet
even now with all that’s happened

Funny how everything can die
but some of us seem to hang on

At least I think there are others
haven’t seen a soul in some time

But from the howls and cries in the night
maybe that’s just as well

Wonder where that dog ran off to now
nice to have someone to talk to, even a mangy mutt

I’m sure he feels the same way
not sure who smells worse

Decay and rot sure do move quickly
when there’s no one to paint and clean

Still see some of the remnants of civilization
flapping in the breeze

Kind of like the flags
we used to worship so vainly

Yeah, God and County…
did us a lot of good in the end, didn’t it?

Funny the things we hold on to
hang on to…

Like the phone in my pocket
not much good, but makes me feel good

Still has a bit of juice
I turn it on once a day, just in case

I think I miss Rock n’ Roll the most,
that and cold beer

Have found plenty of beer,
just none if it cold…a sad thing really

Sad how spoiled we were
and we knew it, didn’t care much though

So, maybe karma caught up to us
or maybe the universe has its own ideas

We talked a lot about karma and grace
but it seems like physics was the only law that held sway

Not sure if it was cause and effect
or just the order of things – entropy, you know?

I still miss her though
and the reasons for all of this don’t change that at all

The idea that she might still be out there…
that’s reason enough to carry on

Hope is a scarce commodity
even with that in mind

Oh, hey dog!
Where’ve you been?

Love that puzzled look on his face
really the only laugh I get these days

Well that, and when I see my reflection
who is that skinny, hairy guy?

The End of Civilization Diet,
it’d be a best seller, I tell you!

Not that I’m going hungry,
not much competition for food it seems

Or company for meals,
for that matter

She used to love to cook,
and cook she could, sigh…

And we could do some damage
to a bottle of wine…

Hmm, wine…
wonder if there’s any wineries around here…

Can think of worse places
to hole up for a while

Funny that the only reliable thing left
would drive the moralists nuts

Too bad it’s too heavy to carry much
don’t need much whiskey these days, turns out

That’s a good thing,
I suppose.

Not much in the way of hangover cures…
the drug stores emptied first

Thing was
they left most of the cigarettes

Like any of us were going to live long enough
to die from them at this point

Seems folks thought clean living
would be their salvation yet

The Reaper’s got his list
and you just never know where you are on it

These days it really does no good
to deny yourself any simple pleasure

Might very well
not get a tomorrow

Some mornings I think its all a dream,
in that state between sleep and waking

Reality soon sets me straight
a nightmare there’s no waking from

And she’s still not here…
goddammit, Why? Why?

But really…
would I want her to suffer as I do?

Of course not,
I just pray she’s better off, wherever she is…

I just miss her so…
every day, every damn day…

Pray? Did I say pray?
Laughable, that idea – after all I’ve seen

Didn’t seem to do much good
when all of this was going down, did it?

Oh, and clean sheets, really miss clean sheets
and toilet paper…


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