The one where I know a little…

I know a little of you
You know a little of me

How about we get to know
A little bit of we?

I’ve been looking for you
You’ve been looking for me

If we look together
we might be amazed at what we see


The one where I stand alone…

Standing at the plate again
Alone, save for the this piece of ash

do I swing at this one
or wait for the next

I remember that last curve
just about broke my knees

here it comes
high and inside

do I bail
or check swing

right in the ribs…

The one where I fear…

monsters under my bed
skeletons in my closet
the devil on my shoulder

and a
monkey on my back
chattering at them all

backing me
into a corner

and I am filled
with rage and terror
and I despair

I can see the glint
of eyes and teeth
in the shadows

feel the hot breath
smell the stink
of death

the walls close in…
a cruel exercise
in geometry

and I run
breaking free
spinning like a tailback

only to find myself
back in that same

and I can hear a laugh
it curdles my blood
and chills my bones

my torment
is sport to some
damn them

I need more concerts!

So, let me see if I can remember everything here…

  • April – Accept @ Jaxx
  • May – Caroline Rebellion in Charlotte (Seether, Alter Bridge, Pop Evil, Skillet, Godsmack, etc)
    Ryan Montbeau Band @ Ashland Coffee & Tea and @ Club Iota
  • June – the Go-Go’s w/ the Dollyrots@ Wolf Trap
    Black Country Communion @ the 9:30 club
  • July – Mayhem Fest @ Jiffy Lube Live (the Lube) (Megadeth, Godsmack, etc)
  • August – Uproar Fest @ Jiffy Lube Live (Avenged Sevenfold, Seether, Three Days Grace, Bullet For My Valentine, etc)
  • September – Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers w/ Sons of Bill @ the State Theater

Coming Up –

  • October – the Bangles @ the 9:30 club
  • November – Foo Fighters w/ Social Distortion and the Joy Formidable @ the Verizon Ctr
    Ryan Montbleau Band @ Jammin’ Java

The one where I attempt to set the bar even higher…

2011 has been a year of great challenges and great rewards, with more to come I’m sure.

So I thought I’d add to my challenges.  No one challenges us like we challenge ourselves, right?

My new self imposed challenge is simply this – I’m going to attempt to write one new piece a day every day in October.  It’s been a pretty prolific year for me so far, the most prolific in many years.  I’ve managed to find my muse again, or maybe more correctly, she’s found me.

I don’t know what I hope to accomplish by this, but I guess we’ll see…

Join me if you will.  We’ll have to separate some chaff from the wheat, but maybe,  just maybe we’ll find some jewels in there somewhere.

Here’s to life!

Peace and Love,


The one where we never met…

What if we’d never met
what if we’d never taken a chance

would you miss me
would you notice my absence

what if we’d never met
and never had that dance

would you be haunted
haunted by my presence

that specter in the corner of your eye
that voice you swear you heard calling your name

a whisper across space and time
a sigh that breathes of circumstance

what if we’d never met
would the world be the same

if we’d never met
I think I’d still miss you

The one where the stars shine…

the hunter salutes me from his heavenly perch
the stars, they shine, they shine for you

my mind, fuzzy from whiskey
I can see my breath

and I marvel at the night sky
the moon light bathing my skin

I am awed by this spendor
and my heart is full

venus and mars dance in the autumn night
the stars, oh how they shine

they shine for you
and I wonder if you see them too

I can see all the way back
to creation

and all I see is you
and the stars that shine for you

and suddenly it doesn’t feel so cold…