The one where there’s dancing…

bass lick
swing your hips

back beat
moves your feet

power chords
I have no words

how do I
make you move like that?


The one where I dream…

I love the way her hips sway
the caress of fabric on her thighs

the bounce of her hair as she walks by
walks away

and then she stops
turns and smiles
a twinkle in her eyes

her lips begin to part
to speak to me

damn alarm clock!

One Tribe

We came from many places, many times and many routes.

But come we did, brought together by powers beyond our control, beyond our comprehension.

We came from different families, faiths, races, genders and orientations.  Different Branches, different “Ranks” and different roles. Some were military brats, some civilian brats and some were “local” brats.

But we didn’t know any of that, and it’s clear that’s a lesson we never really learned, did we?

We are many things, but we are One Tribe.

We are K-Town!

One from the archives…

bleak frozen winter
cold to the bone
cold like a grave
and empty

raw and dry
cracked and bleeding
darkness frames
my days

yet the sun
still warms
my face

the hard, hard ground
like a rock
yet still mere dust
like my heart

the seed will
wither and die
blown away
by the howling wind
consumed by vermin

yet the sun
still warms
my face

and a bud stirs
in the darkness