"A" is for August, "a" is for alternative, "A" is for Americana…

August is here and it feels like the sun has moved closer than ever.  It’s hot as blazes.  Yearning for the cool dry air of Fall.  Yearning for a change, for changes.

I think I’m going to holster my Metal for a month.  Sometimes change has to be nudged along and maybe there’s a need to climb out of a rut.

There is something soul speaking about a number of artists of any genre, but sometimes it’s hard to hear the small still voice over the over-driven Marshall amps.  Metal, subtlety is not your name.

I can only bullrush life for so long, I guess. So in August I’m going to get my twang on, get my groove back and take a break from the Metal music that has been my personal soundtrack this year.

It’s time to revisit my love of alt.country, folk rock, Americana, r&b, soul, jazz and pop music.  See if there’s a new horizon beneath the hooks and choruses, behind the shimmering and twangy guitars and underneath the soaring harmonies.

What will this accomplish?  Who knows.  I certainly don’t, but you don’t go anywhere by standing still.

I’ll try to post updates on my journey this month, give you my observations, record reviews and general thoughts.

This will be coupled with training for a half marathon and redoubling my work-out efforts, should make for an interesting month.

I’ll keep you posted!

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