Sunday Playlist for the Hills

Sometimes randomness is a beautiful thing… my iPod spit out a great playlist for my session at the gym this morning. For a 30 minute “run” I got the following, with a bit of prompting…

Heaven And Hell by Black Sabbath – perfect warm-up tune, at about the 2:30 mark the tempo picks up just enough to really get the heart rate pumping.
Spoonman by Soundgarden – continuing the fast tempo with a bit of syncopation just to keep it interesting
I’m Not Afraid by Lacuna Coil – more high energy for the first hill, still pumping hard and fast enough to sprint it!
Keep Yourself Alive by Queen – a good motto for working out! approaching the second hill segment…
Sometimes by King’s X – a downshift in tempo for the second grueling hill!
Dani California by Red Hot Chili Peppers – coming off of the second hill and then picking up the pace on the way into hill number three
Where’s My Thing?, Pt. 4: Gangster of Boats Trilogy by Rush – a nice mid-tempo instrumental that allows for the intense concentration the final hill requires
Lost Highway by Jason & The Scorchers – a good fast finishing sprint
Dear God 2.0 by The Roots – a nice slow R&B number for a cool down


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