Nickelback at Nissan Pavilion, with support by Saving Abel, Papa Roach and Hinder

Quick review of last night’s show…

Saving Able – eh, nothing to write home about

Popa Roach – only knew one of their songs. They were more excited than the crowd.

Crowd was largely indifferent to all three opening acts.

Hinder – they tried pretty hard, but still were playing to a half empty pavilion. They sound a bit like very early Aerosmith, but without the talent level. Singer sounds like a cheap Bon Scott. This would serve him pretty well later in the evening.

Nickelback – I have to admit to only coming on-board with these guys very recently, but damn if the don’t put on a hellava old school rock show! They came out with guns blazing!! They opened with “Something in Your Mouth”.

Chad Kroeger really knows how to work a crowd, showing some personality and great comic timing. This is a real lost art at rock shows, most new rock bands, including the openers, tend to just plow though their sets, barley acknowledging the crowd.

The show saw them incorporate snippets of Led Zeppelin, Bob Seger and Garth Brooks songs as well as a cover of Highway to Hell with Hinder’s singer on lead vocals. That was cool, but they won’t make anyone forget the Thunder from Down Under anytime soon.

I realized that I’ve been going to the wrong concerts!! There were GIRLS at this one. Not to many at the Rush, and Judas Priest shows of last summer. And these girls love their Nickelback!! Many showing that appreciation by flashing the band, and by virtue of the large video screens – the entire crowd. This was a popular feature, I must say!

All in all, the most entertaining rock show I’ve seen in many years. These guys make no apologies, they just Burn it to the Ground!

Definitely go see, but be warned this is not a PG show!


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