A change is gonna come…

Wow, this is one special day. Regardless of how you voted, you cannot deny the magnitude of this day.

I am amazed, proud and hopeful.

I never have understood racism. Growing up an Air Force brat, my neighborhoods were always integrated. My parents had biracial and non-white couples as friends as far back as I can remember.

I know that for my African American family and friends, this is a huge day. Some of your parents and grandparents marched for civil rights, never imagining that this day would come in some of their lifetimes.

Barak Obama is our President now. Like he said, “there is no black America, no white America – only the United States of America!” I know that President Obama’s inauguration will not resolve all of the issues that divide Americans, but his leadership can unite us in spite of our differences.

I for one, have become wearied by the non-stop strife and tension that have consumed American public life and issues for the last 16 years. I am hoping that this new attitude of unity will last. Let the loyal opposition be loyal, let the majority be gracious and the minority be determined.

Our national motto is, “out of many, one”. It will do us well to remember that whenever we feel the pull of division.

Years ago, during Clinton’s second term, I saw a bumper sticker that said, “Charleton Heston is MY President”. I thought about what the driver of that car was saying, and I became a little pissed off. In spite of my differences of opinion with the man, he was still my President, my Commander in Chief. Maybe it’s the MilBrat in me, but that still means something. You respect the office, even if you can’t support the man.

So, I say that to say this, Barak Obama is MY President. I will not let attacks on him go unchallenged. We can argue politics and policy, but the President deserves the respect of his office.

It also occurs to me that President Obama is the first Gen-X President. You boomers had your chances, the sixties are over! It’s time to let the children of the seventies and eighties take our turn at bat.

So, Mr. President, good luck and God Speed and God Bless America.