Casting Your Pearls before Swine

As an American, the single most important thing you own is your vote. It is more than a right, it is yours, is is something you possess. It is also a tool, one of many that Americans possess by which they participate in the political process.

So, you have to ask yourself, “will I throw away my most valuable possession?”

What the hell are you talking about, you might ask. Not for the first time, either, I’m sure.

Well, let me ask you to consider something. We have spent the better part of the last 2 years watching a small group of individual whore themselves out. Instead of asking you for money for sexual favors, they are begging for your vote for political favors. One promises this, the other promises that – both usually either unconstitutional or extra-constitutional.

There a dozen or so political parties who have or will have nominated candidates for the office of President of the United States. In addition to the Democrats and Republicans, we have the Libertarian Party, the Constitution Party, the Green Party, the Boston Tea Party, the Prohibition Party, the Reform Party, the Socialist Party USA, among others.

Conventional wisdom (pardon the pun) is that only the two “major” parties put forth serious candidates. However one of the so called third parties or an Independent candidate has been know to put up a respectable showing upon occasion. Ross Perot is often “blamed” for getting Bill Clinton elected by siphoning off votes from then President George H.W. Bush. This is part of the “vote against” rather than “vote for” mentality.

So, what’s my point?

Well, I will elaborate more in the coming weeks, but the long and short if it is – don’t vote for Obama or McCain!

Please feel free to tell me why I’m wrong, as we go along. Maybe you can persuade me, but I doubt it.

“Joe Walsh for President”


One thought on “Casting Your Pearls before Swine

  1. Mark, I hear you man. And I can relate to your frustration about so many of our elected officials. However, I think that it is travesty that so many in this country don’t vote. It is one of our most precious possessions and so many of us just throw it away. Many people died fighting for our right to vote. Currently we have soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan dying for those people’s right to vote. Now clearly with that right comes the right not to vote. But I think the very least we can do in this awesome country is exercise our right to vote. Surely we can compare the candidates and decide that one (maybe not even one of the ones in the two major parties) is slightly more in line with my beliefs than the other. Vote dude.

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